Formal Introduction...

Oh hi!

I suppose everyone starts their blog with a little introduction.  Here we go...

My name is Zeina.  I aspire to write, travel the world, and enjoy everything in life. 

I currently live in Canada, hoping one day to live in London, England.

 I love fashion, photography, food, music, travel, and really any type of artistic expression.  I am continually inspired by daily aspects and try not to limit myself.

I have worked in retail for a while now and it has really helped me evolve my style.  However, I am constantly looking for ways to change things up.  I love change, which is typically unusual.  I like to look at it as if each time I try something different, I'm starting a new adventure- and it excites me.

Alongside fashion and beauty, I also love to engage myself in world politics and learning and understanding more everyday.  I believe everyone should be aware of all the good and bad of the fast-paced world and ever changing society we live in.  

Like everyone else, I am always learning.  Feedback and opinions are always appreciated.  

Welcome and enjoy!



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